Amusement equipment service provider


Ao bei leAmusement was founded in 2011

Become a trustworthy and well-reputed amusement equipment production and service company

Wenzhou Ao bei le Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (under which there Jialeqi,Duoduolu,Xiayi paradise Three brands), specializing in the production of various Fort naughty play equipment and teaching toys, suitable for residential quarters, playgrounds, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, parks, kindergartens and other places, especially tailored to Fort naughty series, is this The company's flagship product. We uphold the integrity of management, mutual benefit, quality first, customer first business purposes, product excellence, business to improve the modern enterprise management system and service network throughout the country, providing customers with excellent service. The company according to customer requirements and integrate unique design and concept, product rich times and advance. 2011 series development and production of outdoor play equipment, in 2012 the development of large hollow blow molding products. Since its inception, constantly fighting, aggressive, has established and implemented a quality system operation, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management system and obtain the certificate.

Today,Ao bei le companies with strong economic strength and technological research and development capabilities, has a vibrant, efficient, high-quality staff, design and development of indoor naughty fort, slides, outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor slides three categories of products.

lol比赛外围押注-lpl在哪里买外围-lpl外围哪里买The company has an independent right to export and Customs Class A management company, the products are exported to over 80 countries, the United Kingdom, Spain, Serbia, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Australia, Japan, the United States, its own "Jia Leqi "brand has been recognized by more and more countries in the international market. The company aims "to the highest point of the vision to grasp the trend of economic globalization, in order to ensure product quality, both inside and outside the modern enterprise system management company, to build the amusement industry's flagship vessel.

lol比赛外围押注-lpl在哪里买外围-lpl外围哪里买Qualification certificate


  • CE certification
  • safe manufacturing standardization
  • Environmental management certification
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification
  • Quality management certification

lol比赛外围押注-lpl在哪里买外围-lpl外围哪里买Equipment display


  • Workshop 001
  • Workshop 002
  • Workshop 003
  • Workshop 004
  • Workshop 005
  • Workshop 006
  • Workshop 007
  • Workshop 008
  • Workshop 009
  • Workshop 010
  • Workshop 011
  • Workshop 012

lol比赛外围押注-lpl在哪里买外围-lpl外围哪里买cooperative partner


If you have any product questions or suggestions, or you want to know, you can contact us at any time.

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